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How Much Does It Cost to Vinyl Wrap a Car?

Vinyl wrapping is the new frontier of vehicle personalization. If you want to market your business on the go, vinyl wrapping is the way to go. Car wraps can last for years with proper care and maintenance, getting you the most bang for your buck.  

At Lettering Express, we like to say that car wraps are affordable luxuries. Wraps drive your brand further and make you stand out on the road. It’s an investment, but it’ll pay off by getting thousands of impressions per day. But how much does it cost to vinyl wrap a car? Probably $3,000 or more, but the price depends on the vehicle and the wrap you want. This post explains.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Vehicle Wrapping

Every vehicle wrap job differs in price depending on the vehicle and what you’re looking for in your wrap. 

Varying factors include:

  • Vehicle Size and Type. A Toyota Camry requires significantly less vinyl wrapping and labor than, say, a Ford F-150. No matter the size, we can apply vehicle branding. The price will just be less for a smaller car.
  • Type of Wrap Material. We use only the best vinyl wrap in the business — Avery Dennison, 3M, and Orafol — to ensure your wrap maintains our signature quality for years. Each vinyl works differently, so we alternate to fit our customers’ needs. For example, a partial wrap showcasing a seasonal promotion needs a shorter adhesive life than a full wrap you want to last for years. The adhesion quality will impact the price of installation and removal. 
  • Finish Type. The price of your wrap can change based on the type of finish you choose. Chrome, metallic, matte, gloss, or textured can all come with a slightly different price tag based on the vinyl manufacturer’s price per foot and the labor required for installation.
  • Design Complexity and Customization. Expect to pay more for vehicles with intricate designs or vehicle structures. A luxury sports car with a lot of body lines increases the labor required to complete the wrap.  
  • Amount of Coverage Required. A partial wrap or decal naturally costs less than a full vehicle wrap. 

Types of Vehicle Wraps

The type of vehicle wrap you choose depends on what you’re looking to achieve. Think about your marketing and personalization goals. Are you looking to wow everyone you drive past? Do you want a cost-effective option that still catches eyes?

Varying vehicle wraps include:

  • Full Wraps. Get complete vehicle coverage with an all-over head-turning design or restyling.
  • Partial Wraps. Just like it sounds, partial wrap covers a portion of the vehicle. They’re best for those looking for a custom look without the commitment or price of a full vehicle wrap. 
  • Color Change Wraps. Tired of your car’s factory color? Altering your vehicle’s color to fit your style is the perfect way to give new life to your vehicle. Color change wraps require the labor of a full wrap without the added design elements. 
  • Decals. The most cost-effective option, decals are low-commitment and perfect for a seasonal promotion or adding a little spice to your ride. 

Design Complexity and Customization Costs

It’s not only material and installation that impact cost. Consider graphic design fees when determining your vinyl wrapping budget. Lettering Express employs top-notch creative minds to bring your vision to life. They’re putting in the work to make your vision a reality, which is why the cost of vinyl wrapping includes a designer fee. 

Any design with intricate details can increase the cost of your vinyl wrap. Designers have to consider where elements fall on the body of the car. Are they visible and eye-catching to any passersby? Will the design be distorted if placed on certain areas of the vehicle? Our designers are experts in catering to your vehicle’s needs while creating unique, striking designs.

Labor and Installation Costs

Vinyl wrapping a car takes time and requires a detail-oriented mindset. For the customer, three to five days is a short time to wait. But for the vinyl technicians, wrapping requires hours of meticulous application. Perfecting the vinyl over a larger vehicle can add additional time and labor costs.

A luxury vehicle with complex body lines or shapes may add additional time or costs. It may take more time to disassemble parts of the vehicle for the installation process. 

Quality, Durability, and Cost

The life of your vinyl wraps depends on several factors, including the type of wrap material and how you care for your wrap.  

With proper maintenance, you can extend the life of your vinyl wrap by up to several years. While automatic car washes are quick and effortless, they’re also vinyl wrap’s worst nightmare. The intense pressure from the jets can cause premature peeling and cleaning chemicals can cause colors to fade. The coarse bristles of the cleaning brushes may even scratch or damage your vinyl. That’s why handwashing or even going to a self-service car wash are the best options when you have a vinyl-wrapped vehicle.

Get in the habit of washing your vehicle frequently. A typical timeframe is every one to two weeks, but elements like weather, traffic, and dirt may increase the frequency. Use warm soap and water and gently rub any stained areas with a microfiber towel.

Cost Ranges and Examples

So, how much does it cost to vinyl wrap a car? Now you know there are factors to consider. Your vinyl wrap car estimate is just that, an estimate. We’ll give you a ballpark idea below. For a comprehensive quote, give us a call to discuss your project.

Cost estimates:

  • Compact car: About $2,750
  • Family sedan: About $3,500
  • SUV: About $4,500
Vinyl wrapped SUV car at outdoors
  • Jeep: About $3,500-4,500
  • Truck: About $3,500-5,500
Vinyl wrapped Truck at outdoors
  • Van: About $3,500-5,500
Vinyl wrapped van at outdoors
  • Luxury car: About $5,500-10,500
Orange vinyl wrapped luxury car

Comparing Wrapping Costs to Paint Jobs

Vinyl wrapping not only offers you more customization options in a shorter time frame. It’s also a more cost-effective option for customizing your vehicle. A professional paint job can range from anywhere between $3,000-$15,0000, even on some smaller vehicles.

Vinyl wrapping can protect your vehicle’s paint job, increasing your resale value. It’s also removable, so when you’re looking to swap designs, it’s relatively easy to do. 

Finding a Reliable Wrapping Service

When choosing your vinyl wrapping provider, it’s important to find a reputable service. Experienced technicians make all the difference when wrapping your car to perfection. 

When researching, read customer reviews, observe portfolios, and evaluate technicians’ experience. 

Recognizable and respected certifications include:

  • 3M Preferred
  • Avery Dennison CWI
  • Paint is Dead member
  • Masters of Branding member
  • Arlon WrapItRight
  • Lowen Certified 
  • Orafol Certified

“I have used your company since 1991 on various cars when I want my car to stand out and have always been pleased.”

– Terri Underhill

When you’re searching for the best vinyl wrapping technicians, it helps to hear from real people. Have past customers felt satisfied with the wrap job? Has the vinyl held up over time? Honest opinions can help you determine which wrapping service will fit your needs.

“I have Lettering Express wrap all of my company’s vehicles. They always do a great job and will continue using them!”

– AlphaTek Appliance Repair LLC

The Value of Vehicle Wrapping: Cost-Benefit Analysis

If you want to increase your brand awareness and promote your business, vinyl wrapping your vehicle is a worthy investment. It transforms your car into a mobile billboard that garners thousands of impressions a day. That’s why many brands are turning to vehicle wrapping over traditional marketing methods like billboards or ads. You’ll get even more exposure for less cost. And, as opposed to methods that only last a few months, vinyl wrapping will continue working for you for years to come. 

Are vinyl wraps worth the investment? If you’re looking for a speedy application process, full customization options, on-the-go exposure, and boosting your cool factor, vinyl wraps are definitely worth it.  

Drive Toward Success

Wrapping your vehicle is an investment. But with proper care and maintenance, you can increase the lifespan of your vinyl. Your wrap will do the hard work, and all you have to do is drive down the street.

To ensure you get the most out of your investment, choose a wrapping provider that goes above and beyond in quality, reputation, and professionalism. At Lettering Express, we’ve got more than 35 years of experience in vinyl wrapping. That’s why we’re OKC’s vinyl wrap installers. Contact us today to make your dream car a reality.