Vinyl wrapped boat towed by car in sunny day

Can You Wrap a Boat with Vinyl?

You’ve seen vinyl-wrapped cars, but have you ever considered taking full customization off-shore? If you want the wow factor you get from your vinyl-wrapped vehicle on your watercraft, look no further! 

Vinyl wrap is the perfect way to personalize your vessel without the expense or limitations of a paint job. And with our 35 years of vinyl-wrap experience, Lettering Express is OKC’s choice for top-tier boat wraps. 

So, can you wrap a boat with vinyl? Absolutely!

Types of Vinyl Boat Wraps

We’ve got the boat wrap options to fit your needs. From full wraps to accents, we can fit your style and budget.

Vinyl boat wrap options include: 

  • Full Exterior Wrap. This wrap protects your boat to the water line with an easy-to-see display for any passerby. 
  • Accent Wrap. For lovers of detailing without the commitment of a full exterior wrap, accent wrap is a great way to showcase your personal or professional brand on a smaller scale.
  • Interior. Easy to maintain, interior wraps are great for everything from the fisherman to the pleasure cruiser who wants to show off their personal style. Plus, they’re easy to clean and maintain.  
  • Color Changes. Not happy with the color of your boat? Not a problem! With unlimited color options, your dream boat is just a phone call away. 
  • Textures. Everyone’s got a different style, and we respect that. We offer matte, satin, gloss, metallic, and chrome. Don’t feel bad if your boat outshines everyone else on the water. 
  • Graphics. This option is where your creativity can really shine. Our design experts can help you curate a totally unique graphic that represents your business or personal style. Want your hull to feature a giant great white exploding from the waves? Yeah. We can make that happen. 

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We’re always looking for new projects that push us out of our comfort zones. Send us a message to pitch your project. 

Benefits of Vinyl Boat Wraps

When customizing your boat, vinyl wrapping is an obvious choice. It’s more cost-effective, durable, and creative than a paint job.

Your boat is valuable! You want to keep it looking sharp. Whether you’re out in the sun or on the water, a vinyl wrap looks great.

When you’ve got access to a boat, you don’t want to spend weeks waiting for it to leave the dock. You’re itching to get to the water! Vinyl wrapping is a quick process that could get you on the water with your new design in just a few days.

We won’t lie. Custom personalization is cool. When you work with Lettering Express, you collaborate with our expert designers to curate unlimited design possibilities. If you’re promoting your business, including your logo, fonts, colors, graphics, and contact info is a no-brainer. Vinyl wrap offers the ease of advertising your brand, whether out sailing or docked. Just want to add some personal flair? We love it! With unique, eye-catching graphics, you’ll turn heads cruising through the marina.

Boat vinyl wraps also are easy to maintain. If you want to keep your watercraft spic and span, just clean it at least once every two weeks with mild soap and warm water. Some waterways can be pretty grimy, so you’d probably need to do this anyway to keep your boat looking top-notch. 

Vinyl wrapping your boat isn’t just for the yachts. We can wrap boats of any size, age, and type. If you’ve invested in a boat, you want it to look cool, and vinyl wrap is the way to go. If we still haven’t convinced you, let’s break down the pros and cons of vinyl wrap vs. paint. 

Vinyl Wrap vs. Paint

As vinyl wrap has gained popularity, more boat owners are choosing it over traditional paint jobs. When you get it professionally done, like with a wrapper from Lettering Express, the results are jaw-dropping. Trust us. We’ve seen the looks on our client’s faces when they see their custom-design vinyl-wrapped boats. 

Benefits of vinyl wrap include: 

  • Cost. It’s no secret that vinyl wrapping will cost you a fraction of a new paint job. 
  • Care. Paint attaches to a boat’s surface, making it permanent. A professional can easily remove vinyl, so you can change your boat’s design more readily.
  • Customization. With full personalization options, you can add graphics, logos, signage, and personal design to your boat. There are just some things you can’t achieve with paint. Control every aspect of your boat’s appearance by working with our expert designers to create your custom graphic. With a vinyl boat wrap, you get the exact look you envision. 

How to Install Vinyl Wrap for Your Boat

Vinyl wrap can be an option for your boat whether you DIY or hire a professional. If you plan to do it yourself, a squeegee and heat gun will be your best friends. But if you worry about heat bubbles or long-term longevity, hiring a professional is the best way to go. 

At Lettering Express, our commitment to the highest quality materials is apparent. We’re 3M Preferred, Avery Dennison, Lowen, and Arlon WrapitRight Certified, meaning the quality of our work is nationally recognized. So, if you keep picturing yourself cruising the waves with your boat’s name gorgeously printed or brand visible for all to see, you know who to call. 

Tips for Maintaining Your Vinyl Boat Wrap

You wouldn’t buy a new car and never get an oil change. Owning a boat means investing time and energy into its maintenance and upkeep. Vinyl wrap isn’t permanent, but with proper care, you can extend the life of your vinyl for many years. And having a moving ad for your business or a boat that fits your style makes vinyl wraps worth it

When it comes to maintenance, Lettering Express will give you all the info you need to keep your vinyl boat wrap looking great. This advice includes waiting at least 12 to 48 hours after your wrap is applied to wash your boat, as cleaning it prematurely could affect the vinyl’s adhesion. You’ll also want to get in the habit of washing your boat often. A typical timeframe is every one to two weeks, but elements like weather and dirty water may increase the frequency. Once you see that familiar spotless shine, all the elbow grease will be worth it. Keeping the vinyl clean also prevents corrosion from things like algae, water, or weather. 

To clean, you’ll use warm water and soap on any stained spots. Gently rub the affected area with a soft microfiber cloth to avoid scratches. For tough stains, use denatured alcohol. Be sure to rinse your vehicle thoroughly when finished. 

Also, don’t wait on repairs. Get any holes or scratches in the vinyl repaired as soon as possible to prevent them from worsening. 

And never wax a boat with a vinyl wrap. It will degrade the vinyl and cause premature damage. Gentle soap and warm water is the safest method for effective cleaning. 

You may want to invest long-term in your vinyl boat wrap by wrapping it with vinyl-specific protection against UV rays. This added layer of protection will help decrease fading from sun exposure. 

Also, you may want to consider the design of your vinyl wrap to ensure you make choices that you’ll be happy with long-term. 

Design Your Dream Boat

In a sea of practically identical boats, stand out from the crowd with a fully custom design of your choosing. Lettering Express offers the creative freedom you’re looking for, no matter the kind of boat.

With 35 years of wrapping experience, we’ve got the attention to detail and industry expertise you deserve. We’re proud to be Oklahoma’s pro vinyl-wrap installers to help add a little pizazz to our community. Contact us today to see how to bring your dream boat to life.